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Fabulous Camille Robb is highly energetic, a Certified Nanny, Nurse, Newborn Care Specialist, House Manager, Night Nurse, Personal Assistant, Governess with over 25 years of hands on progressive experience caring for children of all ages, from Newborns to adults.

Camille has ability to care for newborn, interact with toddlers, Mentor a teenager and make elderly smile all in the one day. Possessing a proven track record of delivering professional while engaging students in a broad variety of stimulating activities. Camille has been married for 28 years and has two children of her own.

She has owned and operated a daycare for over 10 years. Camille as owned and operated Just Fabulous Care  a global exchange program that host students from around the world such as, China, Dubai, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, Congo, Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka and many more countries.


Her philosophy is to make a positive impact in each student life by providing a broad base of cognitive, intellectual, and emotional support. She used her skills to create a secure and nurturing environment while supporting each student to achieve their educational goals.

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